Home Again

Dear Laura,

I am home again from my holidays, and what lovely holidays they were. I am going to indulge myself a little here and show you some holiday snaps. As usual when I go home to England I am racing around the country catching up with friends and family, dancing at weddings and viewing lovely new additions to families. This time I restricted myself to one wedding (the original reason for the visit) and family (there was a new addition there to meet too). The thing is I haven't been back to England in the summer for ages and I had forgotten just how beautiful it is.

The wonderful North Devon Coast


Castles and Country Houses, Abbeys and Medieval Towns 

Miscellaneous Englishness

The week finished with a short bike ride with my sister and her boyf to the 2012 Olympic site (this is the sister who cycles across continents so I wasn't sure what "short" meant). As we started so did the little drops of rain, we decided this was no reason to stop and pulled over to have waterproofs magically appear. Armed with waterproofs this bike ride couldn't fail on to the canal and off we go. Unfortunately just as we were nearly there the tow path was closed and so we meandered through hackneys industrial heart following my sister as she lead us to a dual carriage way. Luckily for us there was a steep set of stairs just before the dual carriage way that took us to a new cycle path. And there is was at the end of the cycle path the Olympic site and more importantly the cafe. The rain had really started to come down at this point and so heads down, wheels skidding we raced to the cafe ignoring the arena,the veladrome and the aquatic center until we dropped our bikes and headed in doors. And so in true English style we watched the rain fall down the windows as our waterproofs dried on the bench next to us, sipping a cup of tea and feeling like we had beaten the elements. 

Of course we still had to cycle home.

If I could I would throw straps over my shoulders, harness America and heave it across the ocean so it would almost touch Ireland. Then I would buy a hover car (I have already invented this machine) and be able to come and go frequently and with ease. This of course isn't possible but when I came home to DC this time I felt a sense of peace, just doing the everyday things, sitting by the window drinking coffee, feeling the warm blanket of the summers humidity engulf me, inspecting my growing garden and enjoying just being still. 

Lots of love



  1. Lovely photos, very expensive fish suppers though!

  2. @andamento. I was thinking that. Expensive even if you're a lady.

  3. Well it was in South Kensington, we didn't take them up on their kind offer, not even for the lady portion, we got a sandwich down the road instead.


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