Gadget Cosy

Dear Laura,

I would first like to thank Lindsay at back and forth for the title. She commented a while back saying, to paraphrase, that one could never have enough gadget cosys. I have been taken with that phrase ever since and look at all my gadget cosys and remember that good advice. And so a new gadget cosy has come into being. My previous iTouch case didn't really fit my iPhone and when a friend asked if she could have it whilst I was on my trip in the UK I gave it away gladly. After all this meant I could make a whole new one, this means getting to chose the fabric all over again as well as the prefect button. A lovely treat. So on Saturday morning I found myself with a spare hour and whipped it up. 

I always found it difficult to keep the earphones both untangled and with the gadget they were supposed to attach to. I first found this issue with a walkman, a walkman, can you imagine how we used to walk around with those clumpy things, it would have been a good gadget to make a cosy for though. All the pockets for the tapes and the holes for the buttons, ooo lots of fun. Anyway back to the present... to hold the earphones I made a little pocket inside. I love it. So now my gadget is all snug and warm and I am one happy bunny as one cracked screen is enough for me. 

Lots of love



  1. OOh. And a bit for the headphones as well. Clever.

  2. Lush!
    Am very tempted to make one now. That pocket for the headphones is genius.

  3. I like that a lot. I can feel an iPhone cosy coming on...
    Where do you find your fabrics? I love the little prints you use. And do they ship to the UK??

  4. ooo thank you Anne, I am enjoying your new blog. The fabrics came from over here G street fabric, and When I went back to get more they had, understandably, completely run out! They are pretty ace though, I am not sure if they ship to the UK.


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