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Dear Annie, 

The day after our glorious beach trip, it rained torrents. We devised a Sunday to keep everyone happy. For the boys, the Bristol Museum. For D and I, a trip to a Vintage and Antiques fair. It was all rather overpriced, we felt, but I did come away with a few little floral fabric treasures.

There are flowers in the hedgerows, too and summer must be here- the blogs are filled with elderflowers. For the first time ever, we made our own little harvest from the local park. I was mystified as to why it had taken us so long- they smell and taste of summer, and best of all they're free!

D made a batch of ambrosial elderflower cordial using Emma Bradshaw's recipe. It's perfect with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. 

Inspired by Nina, I made use of some of the cordial and had a go at baking this cake. It was absolutely delicious. Dense, buttery, and with a gentle hint of flowery lightness. Some of us just couldn't resist another slice!
Love from,


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  1. Gorgeous treasures, I love love love that fabric. I've been making elderflower cordial too, goodness it's wonderful stuff. Now I might have to bake that cake!


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