The Dress is Finished

Dear Laura,

I am back from my hols, the sun is shining the air conditioning is on and the garden is blooming, but more about that later in the week. For now I want to tell you about my dress, you remember the one, conceived of in the downton abbey post, described in dresses and colbert and moaned about in that dress again. Well it is finished. Last minute and with a plane to catch the hem was sewn up and the dress was ready and here it is

There are a few things I learnt. The first is that sewing with silk is a nightmare, it is really tricky and not nearly as forgiving as cotton. The second is that I cannot and perhaps never will, be able to pull a proper face when being photographed! The wedding was lots of fun and people were very complimentary about the dress which was lovely. Of course there were lots of flaws that I can see and some of them drive me crazy, but I am going to keep them secret for now and let you enjoy the dress.

Lots of love



  1. Beautiful dress, and yes I imagine sewing with silk would be a nightmare. I made a velvet dress once and will never do that again.

  2. I think that your dress is lovely, with the ribbon belt. The colour suits you well, and there are no flaws whatsoever ! well done ! Silk is indeed a very fluid material with a mind of its own when you want to stich it. but the result is great!!!

  3. your dress looks really beautiful on you,

  4. I love all these compliments, it is so nice. You are all lovely, thanks so much.


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