Dear Annie,

The other night, D was out. I'd finished all chores and had a quiet evening ahead of me. The TV and a bar of Green and Blacks was beckoning, but instead, I headed up to the loft to find my sewing machine.

I made some envelope cushion covers using the fabric that I showed you in this post, and some plain Irish linen. I can't believe I've never made envelope cushion covers before! I watched this video and they were a total doddle. I shall definitely be trawling my stash for more potential fabric. It was so satisfying to have created something in one evening, too. A real quick-fix craft project.

Love from,



  1. I admire you. For me, chocolate always wins.

  2. Love, love that fabric and it lends itself so beautifully to cushion making. Glad you took the plunge, I expect there'll be no stopping you now and you'll have a cushion frenzy like I did. I'm intrigued by your bench, it all looks so stylish there.

    Kate x

    PS - didn't you polish off the G&B off afterwards?

  3. Oh, of course the chocolate didn't last. I sat back on my new comfy cushions and enjoyed every square!

    Thanks Kate, I rather think I do feel a cushion frenzy coming on, and I have you to thank for it. The bench is in our kitchen. It came from a nunnery (via a junk shop)and I love it. Mind you, it only looks classy because the piles of toys are out of shot! Laura x

  4. The bench is lovely and knowing where it once belonged, I do hope you mind your Ps and Qs when you sit there!

    Happy cushioning x

  5. Thank you for joining in my giveaway and visiting my blog. The cushions are lovely! And where did you get the linen - I have been trying to find plain undyed linen without much success?

    Pomona x

  6. Lush fabric.
    What great little cushions.


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