a Christening quilt

Dear Annie,

My first ever quilt is finally complete! It was made as a Christening gift for sweet little J, who is now my Godson. I finished hand-stitching the binding late on Saturday night, just in time to take a few photographs of it the morning before the Christening. It isn't without its (charming!?) imperfections, but there was plenty of love stitched into it and James and his Mummy seemed to be pleased with it.

Taking photographs of a quilt - on a grey and rainy day too- was quite a challenge, but here goes:

If you remember, I explained my inspiration here, then bought the fabric back in February, all apart from the binding (which actually turned out to be my favourite part of the quilt), which I picked up from a quilting shop in Suffolk. By March, it was pieced and pinned, and since then I've been stitching away, on and off, one evening at a time.

It's been quite a learning curve for me (next time it's basting spray and not a pin in sight!), and I think I need to give my quilting needle a rest and pick up my knitting needles for a while. Nevertheless, I'm thrilled to have finally managed a quilt and my mind is already full of ideas for my next one- a bluey greeny quilt, naturally. Watch this space!

Love from,


Edited to add: fabric details are on my burdastyle page.


  1. Oh, that's just lovely! Well done. Fab fab fabric too. Delicious. C.x

  2. Absolutely beautiful, just love those colours. I'm going have to make a quilt sometime!

  3. Wow! You are one clever sausage.
    Love the fabrics.

  4. That's gorgeous, lucky J and his mum!

  5. it looks just lovely, your fabric choices all work very well together,

  6. AnonymousJune 14, 2011

    What a charmingly beautiful quilt. Such a special present to be given. I was given a hand-made quilt when my baby was born and I know we'll treasure it forever. x

  7. Laura it's gorgeous!

  8. I love all that red. Your fabric choices are great.

  9. Wow, it's perfect!!! Congratulations!
    Have a great Sunday, Esther.


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