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Dear Annie,

We've just come back from a glorious week in Italy. I went in search of sunshine and gelato. I came back with...yarn. Yes, apparently a truly obsessive knitter can discover yarn even deep in the Umbrian countryside.

This may appear to be pretty humdrum stuff, but in fact it's rather wonderful. It's 100% Alpaca, natural coloured, and as soft as can be.

I know what you're thinking, my sweet, but don't be alarmed. These are not llamas. They are the very alpacas who produced the lovely yarn. They live at Maradiana Alpaca farm.

It's the only farm in Italy which breeds alpaca,as well as angora goats and sheep,all to produce quality fibres for yarn. The fibres are spun locally and then used to produce beautiful knitwear, by loom or by hand.

It's the first time that I've ever met the creature who was the source of my yarn, and it was fabulous! The boys loved stroking the Alpacas, who were very friendly and amazingly soft, and they were very happy to find that the farm had a small playground built into the hillside.

I loved looking at all the beautiful jumpers, blankets and scarves, but was delighted to discover that there were also a few balls and skeins of yarn available to buy. D has already requested that I make him a scarf with the soft brown alpaca yarn. 

I also couldn't resist this skein of mixed angora and wool, hand dyed using natural indigo dye. It looks like lace-weight to me, so I am thinking that perhaps it would like to become a shawl one day.

So there you have it. We were lucky enough to enjoy plenty of sunshine; we ate gelato every day, and, quite unexpectedly, we managed to visit a yarn farm.

Oh, and can you believe that this is our 100th post?! Amazing. If we can reach 100 followers too, I feel a giveaway coming on, don't you?

Love from,

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  1. i love italy & what lovely yarn you picked up, we go quite a bit as my folks have a place there, the markets are great places to pick up a yarn bargain, 100% merino at half the price it is here!


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