That Dress Again

Dear Laura,

It is lovely to have you back from your hols, and what lovely holidays they looked like they were, more pictures of Italy please, lush! Well I am all consumed by this dress I am making. Feeling confident that the outer dress kind of works and not quite ready to cut into that silk, I decided to make the inner dress first. The first issue I had was my lack of appropriate material. Now don't get me wrong I have a whole box of material a mass of wonderful patterns and colours. Plain white, light cotton, I do not have.

So what better than to rummage around upstairs and find an old bedsheet. This glamourous lifestyle I am sure is too much for you but a girls got to do what a girls got to do. I would like to stress that this is the underdress so I will be the only who knows that I am wearing a bedsheet to a wedding.

Somehow I lost the pattern I created for the back of the dress, I have no idea where it went, I probably through it away in some house cleaning freenzy. So I had to create another one. This was much easier the second time, and I also drew in the skirt properly this time too.

A piece of advice from the lady that wrote the book was to punch a hole in the pattern to mark the dart points. Genius! I am learning a lot I really am. So dart points marked and pattern cut out it was incredibly easy to put together. You know the seams matched and everything. What was even more amazing was that I did the darts before trying the dress on, you know what they worked, everything worked. When I put the dress on it fit perfectly, I was so astounded I danced around the kitchen in it trying to gets R's attention whilst he cooked dinner. He said something nice and went back to chopping. 

I wanted this to be a dress with no zip, but the darts make that impossible, in fact when I put on the dress it was a bit of a squash to get into it. Then this time as I was taking the dress off after the photo shoot, the side seam finally gave way a bit. Which I think is the sign that the dress needs a zip. Oh and I didn't mean to cut my head off, that is one of the perils of taking photos on self timer.

Lots of love



  1. Wow the under dress looks amazing and you would never know you were wearing a sheet, will you be wearing the pink socks to the wedding too ? lol : ).
    Emma x

  2. That is a beautiful fit....well done! xxx

  3. Yes I think pink socks are just the thing for this dress!

    Thanks for the encouragement Andrea, I am a little nervous about the whole project.


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