Sunny Days

Dear Laura,

R is away at the moment, this means I get fill my time with aimless activities. During the week this is fine as I come home from work and get to watch what I want on the telly, but I also have to cook for myself which is less fun. Then this weekend I have been pottering around, doing by myself things and filling my time until he gets back. This has involved shopping (most of which I need to take back) and lying on the grass in the park reading the paper.

Now it occurred to me that I have never seen anyone do this in DC so I was slightly self conscious when I put the blanket down and propped the cushion I made up against a tree. The sun was shining so it didn't take me too long to enjoy reading the paper and basking in the sunshine and forgetting what the Americans might think of me. I am British and when there is sun, I know instinctively that I must be out in that sun enjoying it because there are no guarantees that it will ever come again.

The cushion is made from raw silk, it is a fairly simple design with a slit in the back to put the pillow in and out

On the front I appliqu├ęd some lilies which I saw at the botanic gardens a while ago. The material came from some well loved shirts that I used to wear in my teenage years.

After a while it was time to go home. My cushion was put back on the chair it lives on and I sat down switched on the telly and watched Doctor Who in the last of the evening light. 

Some days are wonderfully relaxing and it most definitely helps to have a cushion at hand to enjoy those days with.

Lots of love


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  1. I find when Mr. P is away I have to remind myself how to be alone again for awhile. Sounds like you managed with great aplomb! All down to the cushion, no doubt... Thanks to you both for the birthday wishes, btw. C.


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