Prince Charles

Dear Laura,

Yesterday I was just buzzing along the same as ever, thinking about what crafty thing I should tell you about, when at the end of our team briefing my boss said to me, "can you stay behind?" now I was pretty sure that this wasn't the kind of can you stay behind because you are about to get in a lot of trouble. I haven't done anything really stupid for a little while, so I was intrigued. Well I wasn't disappointed. 

He had heard on the grapevine, that Prince Charles was in town and not only that but he was going to be visiting the community gardens called common good city farm next to his house and brilliantly, asked if I wanted to tag along to go and see him! Well this involved being outside in the lovely sunshine, visiting a community garden, seeing royalty, and leaving work an hour early. It was clear what the answer was going to be.

And so at 4pm on the dot I packed myself up and off we went. We were hanging around for a bit amusing ourselves at how uncomfortable and out of place the secret service looked. Then at 4.30pm on the dot we heard the sound of a motorcade quietly off in the distance then louder and louder and suddenly there he was, hair blowing in the wind, looking at plants and shaking hands with people. I only had 10% battery left on my phone so I was snapping away as much as I could with the little time I had left. 

And then he got really close, I think he could sense some Englishness in the crowd. Oh and he is waving to me here, you see we are old friends, I went to university with his son and he went to university with my dad.

So once again I cheers you with my Union Jack mug. Two years in DC with Obama and not a sign of him (even though I work round the corner from the white house, I even ate my lunch in the park looking at the white house yesterday, but alas no sign of the president), then out of the blue there is Prince Charles. In your words the other day, I'm not much of a royalist... but I do love me an occasion for standing in the sunshine watching a Prince shake hands and chat affably with a gardener.

Lots of love



  1. Wow!He certainly gets around! He does love his gardens. Pleased you enjoyed it!x

  2. Good story, he does get around as Andrea said!

  3. Not a Royalist either but I'd have been there like a flash too. But I'd rather have a picnic with Obama. Cx


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