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Dear Annie,

What do you suppose is the sensible thing to do when you have two knitting projects, a quilt and a crochet project on the go at once? 

Hmmm, probably not start another crochet project, but I just couldn't resist this lovely (and oh so cheap) new yarn
Ever since the moment I saw this pattern for jar jackets, I've been desperate to have a try at it. What could be better than upcycling and beautifying jam jars?! My new yarn seemed like the perfect opportunity.
After just one short crochet session, my old unloved Bonne Maman jar had a pretty new coat, and my colourful crochet hooks had a new home.
It's good to play hooky from my bigger projects every now and again, and it's a fab little pattern- I urge you to try it! The only problem is, now every jar I see looks naked to me, just crying out for its own jacket. Can you guess which jar I have plans for next?
Love from, 


PS: I'm away on holiday next week (hooray!) so I'll see you the week after... x


  1. i made one of these a few years back was thinking about making more recently,
    have a great holiday, kellyx

  2. Ooh yes what a transformation although I have a bit of a thing for Bonne M jars. Have a fab holiday x

  3. Great idea and it looks soooo pretty!! Have a great holiday! xoRobin❤

  4. I am a terrible project hopper!!!! I obviously have the attention span of a gnat but I like to chop and change. It keeps me interested. That rico cotton is just fantastic....great colours and soooo cheap. If you hop to my blog you can see my great niece in a blanket I made from this cotton. Have a great holiday! xxx

  5. Oh, I love the yarn and those yars look really nice!!
    Have a great holiday.


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