first stitches & the kindness of strangers

Dear Annie,
My little man has had his first try at stitching, bless him! He found some sewing cards in a charity shop, which I was only too happy to buy for him. We threaded up a tapestry needle and he set to work with great concentration.

Everybody has to start somewhere...


The generosity of bloggers is a marvellous thing. When I heard that I'd won a giveaway over at driftwood, I really was chuffed. I knew that Tess was giving away one of her gorgeous felted wool free-embroidered lavender bags, which I'd admired on her blog before. When the parcel arrived, I wasn't disappointed. The bag was lovely, and she'd thrown in all manner of other handmade stitched goodies.

Isn't she clever? I was thrilled with it all, and tickled pink that the brooch co-ordinates so perfectly with my changing bag! Even the wrapping was pretty and handmade...there was actually some chocolate too, but that didn't stay around long enough for me to take any pictures of it (!)

People far more eloquent than me have reflected on the strange and often quite marvellous thing that is the community of people who blog, so I won't say much on the subject. Still, it's remarkable that someone that I have never met has evidently spent a good deal of time, care and skill to make such lovely things for me. Thank you so much, Tess- you made my day!

Love from,


  1. you're welcome! it's lovely to be part of this special blog world x

  2. Bloggers are the best - I never fail to be amazed by how cool the people I've 'met' through this endeavour are. Lovely goodies, and your littlie is adorable, so rapt in what he's doing.

  3. Soph saw this and said 'I want to sew like Seth!' Yay, now I can get her started too ;)

    Goodies look beautiful x

  4. She's a good girl that Tess! Lucky you winning that giveaway and how exciting that those little hands are following in your footsteps, long may it last.

    Happy weekend x


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