Dresses and Colbert

Dear Laura,

I have had quite an exciting week, not as exciting as yours I am sure but still quite exciting. I am going to a wedding in a couple of weeks, you might have heard me mention it before. I have been asked to wear a certain colour dress, so I traipsed around some lovely vintage stores in DC and tried on some beautiful dresses but unfortunately either they were too expensive or just not right, so I decided to stick with my first instinct which was to make my own. Now for once I wanted to do this properly so I dug out my "how to make a pattern" book. This seems like it is from the 80's but it also seemed to be the clearest and simplest in the shop.

And I measured. I measured and measured, tape measure in mouth, hands everywhere, twisted body, trying to get the shoulder back measurement. Eventually I made it all measurements complete, now for the parchment paper a ruler and a pen. Oh and my maths brain. 

I scribbled and scrawled away remeasuring sometimes just to make sure that I had it right and then there it was the pattern for the back.

and for the front!

Now I only did the bodice as I think I can do the skirt free hand, I will still measure it but I don't need to create a pattern for it. Below is some lovely silk that I found in my favourite G Street Fabrics store. 

Normally I would just start cutting but this silk was expensive and I didn't want to ruin it. Or end up with a rather revealing dress because of all the cutting that might occur for corrections. So I made a mockup, which I learnt the other day was called something like a twirl (although now I can't quite remember). It was really interesting. There were a couple of issues with the pattern so I will have to redo it slightly. 

Mainly the arm holes are too large so I need to just make those a tiny bit smaller. What was really interesting was how to make the the pattern so that I didn't need any tucks on the front. You draw the tucks on to the pattern and then tuck them on the pattern and re cut. Not very well explained but it was very clever. So I can only give you a picture of the mock up for now. This weekend I will make the real thing and will show you the results once I have it ready to go. (The photos aren't very good sorry, it is really hard to take photos of yourself!)

So why Dresses and Colbert? Well, I was happily glancing at facebook at work yesterday when I noticed that Stephen Colbert was coming to DC. I am a big Colbert fan and so at 3.45pm I packed up my desk, turned off my computer and headed down to the FEC to watch Stephen files some papers, and I wasn't the only one, that's right that is the kind of effect he has!

Lots of love


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  1. What a gorgeous dress! The shape is really lovely. Can't wait to see the silk version xxx


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