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Dear Annie,

Just a little more Italian sunshine for you. Look at the blue of that sky. I think blues and greens really are the colours that I'm drawn to at the moment.

I took a picture of this building on the square in Perugia, because I just loved the colours. The blue and the green look so perfect together, particularly with the distressed paint. I'd love to decorate a room in these shades.

Here are the other two skeins of yarn that I bought from Maradiana. Silk, this time, again hand-dyed using natural dyes. Almost exactly the same shade as the gorgeous aqua coloured building. The hydrangea fabric was my other little souvenir. It's oilskin for a tablecloth. I bought it from an amazing fabric shop in Umbertide which was full of gorgeous (but expensive) traditional linens.


I seemed to see lovely cloth everywhere. These brocade drapes were hanging from windows in Gubbio. A few streets away, also hanging from upstairs windows, I spotted some washing. D thought I was completely bonkers, taking photos of washing, but look...

Aren't the eiderdowns pretty? Most of all, though, I loved this knitted blanket. It looks like a patchwork of knitted spirals to create hexagons. I wonder if I could track down a similar pattern on Ravelry...

Love from,



  1. AnonymousMay 20, 2011

    I love blue so much and your first picture absolutely took my breath away. And I would take pictures of washing too if it was that pretty :)

    The blanket looks like a crochet shawl that I've been working on for a while. It's the Carnival Shawl by Rowan (on Rav but not downloadable). I just hope mine looks as lovely as that when I'm finished!

  2. Thanks, Laura! I had a peek on Rav and the shawl looks gorgeous and really quite similar, I think that'll have to be one for the queue, if my crochet skills are up to it. Laura x

  3. Gorgeous purchases, that yarn is divine! X

  4. fabulous photos, what a lovely blog to find on a friday night :)


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