Dear Annie,

As you know, D and I have always had quite different tastes when it comes to art. When we first moved in together, D brought with him a large abstract Malevich print. It really wasn't my kind of thing, but he loved it and so in the spirit of compromise, it hung on our sitting room wall for over a decade, until S broke the frame a few months ago, at which point I almost missed it. Since then, we have filled the space with prints by local artists Emily Ketteringham and Jim Munnion, which luckily we managed to agree on.

When I found these oil paintings in a charity shop on Saturday, my heart sang. I loved the colours, the flowers, their hand-painted nature, the sense of history in the hand of a mystery artist. This is exactly my kind of art. 

As I expected, D was initially sceptical, but to my surprise, after some consideration he suggested that I buy not one, but both, as he felt they would look better together. When we returned home, and they found their new home on the mantelpiece in our bedroom, I couldn't help but agree with him.

It seems that this is art that we could both take to heart.

Love from,


PS: I was lucky enough to win a giveaway last week. Thank you very much to Rachel from Contented for my fab prizes- what a lovely surprise!


  1. what an amazing find, those paintings are just beautiful,

  2. Lovely, lovely paintings. They are very happy and cosy xxx


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