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Dear Annie,

Like you, my thoughts have turned of late to the garden, and subsequently to the kitchen. In our garden, it's the plants that thrive on neglect which we love the most. We have a fabulously prolific redcurrant bush which is laden down with fruit every year -despite being utterly ignored -but my personal favourite is the rhubarb. It's a lovely, bushy 'Timperley Early' plant, and although it receives a notable lack of attention, it grows very happily in the top corner of the garden.

We've already plundered it once to make rhubarb and orange crumble (which was absolutely delicious!) and this week we harvested for a second time. My Mothers' Day present was a copy of The Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book and, having already made a batch of the strange but extremely yummy Earl Grey cupcakes, I was keen to make a Rhubarb and Almond Loaf.

I wasn't disappointed! Perfect, as the book says, with a cup of milky tea. A welcome new addition to my repertoire of rhubarb recipes (more about that soon...)

Love from,


  1. Yum, yum, yum! Totally in the mood for rhubarb now! X

  2. mmmm, I forget how much I love rhubarb. I remember the rhubarb we had in the house I grew up in, I used to go down the garden with a pot of sugar and a knife. I would sit and cut of a stalk, dip it in the sugar and eat. It was lovely, every time I have rhubarb I am reminded of my little dish in the garden.

  3. Oh, please do share your rhubarb recipes ! I love rhubarb and buy them in huge quantities. (Have no garden) but I always make the same rhubarb compote or rhubarb jams. What else can you do with it ?

  4. That just rose a little higher up my 'to bake' list!


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