Rainy Day

Dear Laura,

Today the sky is grey and it's raining, it is going to rain all day. That means, no gardening today, even though the naughty squirrels probably dug up all my seeds this week.

It also means no mending windows.

So what to do? Well when I was little we would have rainy days at school (and I grew up in Devon so there were no shortage of those). This meant no playground at lunchtime. So we would all sit in the warm yellow light of our classroom watching the colours outside intensify and shine vibrantly until the rain streamed down the windows blurring the outside world. Whilst sitting in our enforced confinement, listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the roof we would demand some felt tips and paper and make these.

Now if you would be so kind as to chose a colour... blue, ok, B.L.U.E

And a craft... Knitting, K.N.I.T.T.I.N.G

And if you would indulge me one more time, a craft again... Sewing, lifting up the flap to reveal...

And so my days activities have been chosen. If you remember in my downton dress letter. I mentioned that my friend had kindly asked me to make wedding favours for her wedding (thanks to all of you who responded to tell me what these actually are). After some back and forth on ideas we came up with these. 

A "classier" version of my sparkly cockatoo. Now I need to get my head down and make 60 of them, they are pretty easy so it shouldn't take long and I have all this pretty material to use! 

If you would like me to choose an activity for you, just pick a colour and two crafts and I can let you know what the magic papery thing (or perhaps activity square) suggests.

Lots of love


P.S. I have managed to make myself a little homesick/nostalgic with this post. It's funny how rain has that affect.


  1. that takes me back as well. At least your's had some nice things in not pick up a slug or kiss a boy, they where the sort of forfeit's that were in the middle of our's at school.

  2. Well if you were in the Midlands today, instead of rain you would be sat in the garden eating ice-cream. It's gorgeous today. Mind you that paper thingy takes me back. I think we used to refer to it as a fortune teller as you put various boys names on it etc.

  3. Yes I seem to remember forfeits and fortune telling too. I like "pick up a slug" as a forfeit. I am going to take out one of my activities and put that in instead.

    I used to live in the midlands. I remember how rare those sunny days were, glad to hear that the sun is shining.


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