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Dear Laura,

I love those knitting needles, and the cardigan is going to be beautiful, I can't wait to see it. So I did something a bit silly, you know the business card case I made that I told you about here. Well I was chatting so much at the airport with my fellow conference goers that I forgot to take my cardigan as I boarded the plane, the case was in the cardigan pocket! I am pretty sad now, I have done lots of reporting it lost and so on but I think I have to accept that it is gone. Luckily I can always make another one, but it won't be quite the same. 
More excitingly though, we have a market here in DC, it is pretty famous but more about that in another post, and last weekend they had a special craft fayre. I wasn't sure what to expect, I think that is the fun of craft fayres, and I wasn't disappointed. The day was a typical spring day, blazing sunshine, blossom flying off the trees, leaves sprouting dotted with sudden very hard downpours of rain and hail. Luckily there was an indoors bit we could all rush to for shelter and this is where I spotted this lovely stall.

I love glass and was itching to buy something and suddenly it leapt out at me, this pretty pink vase. 

When I asked R if he liked it he grumbled something about it not being a prefect circle, that the bottom wasn't smooth enough and it was heavy. Luckily he picked the reasons why I like it so much. It's imperfections are what makes it so special and when the light filters through the glass swirls of pink appear throughout the vase. She had displayed it with coloured pencils in it but I knew it was daffodils I was after.

She also let me know about another monthly arts and crafts market in Ballston (I will have to find out where that is).

Lots of love

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  1. oh no, what a pain your left your card case behind! you'll just have to make the next one even better!


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