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Dear Annie,


There seems to come a point in every knitting project where my fingers really start to fly. Sometimes it's at the start, when I'm excited by a new pattern. Sometimes it's towards the end because I'm on the homeward straight. Other times, it's because I suddenly just 'get' whatever I'm trying to do; it all makes sense and I can see where the pattern is heading.

I reached that point this week, knitting my Tea Leaves cardigan. I'm not very far along - I've completed the yoke, and I'm halfway through the short row shaping. (which by deliberate but puzzling omission isn't included in the pattern- I got my instructions from the aptly named FairyGodknitter on Ravelry) I think, though, that it suddenly seems possible to me. I can actually knit myself an item of clothing! I do have the skills, and I am going (eventually) to finish it. Amazing. These are the moments when I just love knitting.

A little extra knitting love has entered my home this week in the form of these gorgeous vintage plastic needles. I've been dreaming of some for a long time (in fact, it was in danger of becoming something of a minor obsession) but I'd never actually found any. It seems, though, that colourful knitting needles are like buses; you look for them for ages, and then they all come at once! A charity shop, a vintage shop and Ebay each yielded up a few pairs, and all of a sudden I had a jarful.

Knitting. ♥.

Love from,


  1. Hurrah for new projects! Can't wait to see how it progresses. X

  2. looking lovely, i really want to knit a tea leaves cardi - can't wait to see how your's turns out

  3. Knit looks lovely, I love the plastic needles, I always knit with metal and plastic needles. Most modern knitters all seem to favour bamboo, I love that familiar click of the metal needles.

  4. Love the needles. I'd never knit with plastic ones before but I found some in Australia and am amazed at how good they are to knit with. Enjoy. C.x


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