Dear Laura,

Well it has been quite an hectic few days. Yesterday I presented a project I worked on at a conference. I was so sick with nerves a few days before it was terrible. I work in a corner in my office, the phone never rings, people rarely talk to me, I sit in front of my computer and work. As the social network puts it, "I'm wired in" or to use a more British reference, I am like the IT crowd but I don't even have to answer the phone to say "Did you turn it off and on again?". So the thought of a conference and presenting, fills me with two contradictory feelings, the first excitement at the acknowledgement of my work, and secondly nerves at presenting it and networking with everyone. 

The glamour of a conference hotel room

This conference was actually important, I have done public speaking before, as you remember we have lead 3000 students in the Macarena, not to mention singing Celine Dion to class after class after class. But that was fine, I never wanted to be a singer or dancer, so if those went wrong it didn't matter. I do want to do this, that really makes me nervous. 

So I came up with the only solution I know, Sewing to easy the nerves. My chosen area of work is heavily male dominated. This in itself is intimidating but also means I like to add some femininity to my life, for instance, if I have to produce a chart I will make sure one of the bars is pink just to change things up a bit.

Now clearly my presentation was going to go down a storm, which meant that people would be coming flocking to me for business cards. Well that means I need a business card case. So to ease my nerves before my flight and to give me confidence at the conference I made one. 

It actually worked. It made me feel much better and more confident and I love it! The presentation went well and I got lots of positive feedback which is great. The nerves subsided as they always do and it turns out, I had a really good time, everyone else here is solitary and we have all enjoyed geeking out together. It's amazing what happens when you are in a room full of people who do what you do (even if the majority of them are men!).

Lots of love



  1. Well done you! I have to do public speaking in my job too and it's never easy. Most of the time it's fine, but every now and again I show all the early symtoms of a heart attack. No fun at all.... C.x

  2. What a lovely idea!!! And congratulations on your presentation xx

  3. Thanks to both of you... I really enjoyed myself and the case really helped but I managed to leave it at the airport on the way home! Here's hoping for a kind person to find it and send it back to me!


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