Junk Yard Goodies

Dear Laura,

Most of my free time at the moment is spent fixing windows. Well painting them mainly. So not lots of time for sewing although they will need curtains once they are fixed. Home furnishings are my favorite. Well one of the joys of window fixing is that we sometimes go to a junk yard to find weights for the sash windows. Of course there is more in a junk yard than just windows and doors and I found these.

I am not sure what they are but the cotton by itself is useful enough.
I also found these:

Again not sure what they are for but I liked them and I'll have to figure it out I guess.

If you have any idea...

Lots of love


  1. Hmmm...some kind of heavy duty thread spool? Failing that a door-stop, or something far more rude....

  2. I love them!!! I wonder if the bat type thing is some kind of stick used for washing clothes in a poss tub....mmmmm x

  3. don't know.

    But I would have bought them too!


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