a jolly jaunt

Dear Annie,

My Mothers Day treat was a trip to the American Museum in Bath to see once again their collection of wonderful quilts. Of course they were the one thing I couldn't take a photograph of, but they were just as fabulous as ever. It was such a lovely place to spend the day, despite the showers.

When we got home there were even some extra special homemade fairy cakes for me. Thank you, my three gorgeous boys.

Love from,


PS: Thank you kindly to Andrea at Apples and Pears for the award, we were really pleased to receive it and we both still aspire to make a fabulous blanket like yours!


  1. Those posies look the business and the queen cakes are so deliciously homemade-looking. Sounds to have been a lovely day. C.x

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely day and the fairy cake was delicious, well done boys ;) x

  3. I haven't been to Bath for nearly 20 years. Must take a trip soon - looks like you had a wonderful time and those cakes look delish! x

  4. What a treat! I've never been to the museum but must make sure I visit when I'm next in Bath.

  5. I love bath, looks like you had a lovely day.


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