I'm not much of a royalist ... but I do love a bit of bunting

Dear Annie, 

Today was the royal wedding day. We spent the morning in Framlingham with the lovely Steff and her gorgeous family. 
The wedding was shown on a big screen in the market square. There were flags galore, and bunting, bunting, bunting (you know how much I love it!) 
I really am no royalist, but I enjoyed the festival atmosphere and ooohed and aaahed with the best of them as the bride appeared.

Afterwards, we had a picnic in front of the castle in the sunshine and an icecream in the icecream parlour.

 There really is nothing better than an extra bank holiday, spent with friends and family. I though of you, drinking tea out of your union jack mug in honour of the occasion!

Love from,



  1. Amazing bunting!!!! would love to have been to a nice street party!

  2. Hello Laura, thanks for the lovely comment you left at The Pea Pod. I hope you're give away is waiting for you too, it's great to win things isn't it xx

  3. this is all so lovely. I love the frayed bunting, the celebratory ice cream cone. glad i stumbled upon your blog - such lovely images, such great narrative.


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