happy days

Dear Annie,

We've had a really lovely family bank holiday weekend. Some of the highlights have been...

:: car boot treasures::

:: wild garlic and an Easter Egg trail at Newark Park ::

:: new Birkies ::
:: quiet moments of crochet in the sunshine ::

I hope that you had a fabulous weekend.

Your veg is looking fantastic! I wish our tiny patch was anywhere near as verdant...

Love from,

PS:Thank you to whoever nominated us for a MAD award. You can put in a good word for your favourite blogs here, and voting closes this evening.


  1. We have been blessed with such fantastic Easter weather! Lovely to see everyone making the most of it. Love the Birkies by the way!!! xxx

  2. I love your car boot treasures! Sam xox

  3. love the pictures of the wild garlic. lovely weekend!


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