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Dear Annie,

It's taken me three years to get myself organised, but I've finally done it. I now have some glove compartment knitting. I'm not -as D assumed -knitting gloves, what I mean is that I have a knitting project which I specifically keep in the glove compartment of the car. In case you were wondering (as I'm sure you were), it's Ysolda's Damson shawl, using my precious skein of Wollmeise.

You may also (quite rightly) be wondering why I need some knitting in my glove compartment. Not, you will be relieved to hear, so that I can knit at red traffic lights. No, this is nap-time knitting. As any mama will tell you, the car has an amazing soporific effect on babies (and occasionally even toddlers too). Personally, I try never to wake a sleeping baby, and consequently I regularly spend half an hour or so in the car, waiting for a little one to wake up.

Time spent sitting quietly with idle hands feels so wrong to a knitter. Now, a doze for my little man means a few snatched rows for me. We only use the car a couple of times a week, so these moments are few and far between, but every row counts. Slowly, slowly, my shawl will grow. Hopefully, by the time it's too big to fit into the glove compartment, it will be ready for casting off. Perhaps I really will knit gloves next time...

Love from,


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  1. That is a lovely idea!!! I love Ysolda's designs. Ah those little shoes. Adorable....my boy had some like that when he was little :) x


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