Garden Goodness

Dear Laura,

Today is Easter Sunday hooray! Although we don't have holidays here we do have sunshine and chocolate. The spring sunshine and rain has allowed the garden to explode into life.

The broccoli
the fennel
the beans
our peach tree

to think they all started like this
ocra                                     tomatos

We have three beds, the ocra, zucchini (courgette) and butternut squash bed is at its very first stages. The broccoli, fennel and tomato bed is more of an experimental bed as I have never grown broccoli or fennel before so I am not quite sure what to do with those. Although they seem to be happy. And the third bed is exploding with life, beans, peas, two types of lettuce and mustard greens. In fact the lettuce and mustard greens are ready for thinning and eating.

ready to be plucked from their bed

washed and put in a simple salad

with a delicious piece of bread freshly baked by R

Happy Easter

Lots of love 


p.s. if you are wondering why the garden is covered in pink petals. Once a year the beautiful cherry blossom next to our house loses all its petals and sprinkles them on the garden like confetti at a wedding.


  1. Just popped over from Handmade at home, lovely post, just going to look at some previous ones for a certain recipe involving rhubarb!

  2. mmm looks great! Our garden is covered in white confetti at the moment!

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