Cherry Trees and Mothers

Dear Laura,

When I was growing up there was a giant cherry tree outside my house. This tree is fairly inconspicuous for most of the year, it sits along side other trees quietly and softly. Then once a year it bursts into a huge mass of bright pink blooms. I used to wait every year for this to happen, the tree was so lovely and so beautiful. Now in DC they also have cherry blossom. Oh so much cherry blossom, so much in fact we have a two week long festival in DC called, aptly enough, the cherry blossom festival. They even have a parade! And here is why...

The city is bursting to the seams with blossom, even our peach tree is joining in

I love this time of year, not only for the beauty of the cherry blossom but also because it reminds me of springtime at home when I was growing up. It also happens to be Mother's Day today, not here in the US, weirdly they have theirs in May, but over there in the UK where my mother is. Mother's day was always a day to make a card and go outside to return back with a bunch of half wilted daffodils picked lovingly (although maybe not with the aesthetic appreciation of an adult mind) by my little hands.

This year I had to buy my daffodils, as the city is short on the swaths of daffodils I enjoyed in the countryside whilst growing up. I also managed to make a card and send it. What better inspiration for the card than all this lovely cherry blossom which reminds me of home and also connects me with here in DC.

Lots of love 


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  1. The cherry blossom is gorgeous....I am always amazed at how suddenly it appears - as if someone came around at night with paper tissue (like your lovely card) and a pot of glue!! x


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