Buzzy Bees

Dear Laura,

Have you ever wondered what 24,000 bees in your house would look like.  For some perspective, that's twelve thousand pairs of shoes, four thousand dozens of eggs or two hundred and forty centipedes legs (120 pairs of shoes each). To be fair it really doesn't look like that many.


Pehaps I should start at the beginning. Sometimes R gets really excited about things, sometimes this disappears to nothing, sometimes it grows and grows. The first sign are the books...

I guess when I came home to find him a bee suit in the living room I realized that this was going to happen. 

Of course it wasn't just one hive we got two! So on saturday the bees were waiting for us. Jeff at DC honeybees was on hand to help with the installation (there are some great videos on his site) and being manly the bee suit was left on the sofa. 

We were all very brave although I kept pulling my jumper up for fear of bees down my neck. They were actually incredibly calm and the whole thing was really good fun.

Hoisting the hive to the roof      Getting the queen box ready

Pouring the bees into the hive                     Settling the queen in

A little bit of sugar water

All settled

My granny used to keep bees and I like these bees because they remind me of her, as well of course as her delicious honey. I have never tasted anything better so our bees have a lot to live up to. 

Lots of love


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