Apple Tree Monster

Dear Laura,

This weekend we planted our apple tree. This is a weird kind of genetic mutation experiment tree. I didn't realise but most fruit trees are grafted onto dwarf tree root stock, this stops them for growing into unwieldily monsters I assume. Well it seems that if you can graft on to a root stock someone thought why not graft onto a trunk. And so we have an apple tree which has four different varieties of apple all grafted onto one trunk. Pretty odd but can't wait too taste them all.

In celebration of this event I decided to bake an apple pie. It has been a while since I have put an apron on and done some baking but I have to say it is hugely enjoyable. I loved the peeling and the liberal sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon and of course all the mess you make with all that flour and pastry silliness.

Here is my result, 

So far I have found that it is very tasty warm and cold and also happens to be rather delicious as a snack when writing too you! 
All gone

Lots of love


p.s. The recipe is a secret one handed down from generation to generation, well that's my story anyway.


  1. mmm looks lovely! cant wait until autumn to see the product of the Frankenstein tree!

  2. Why wasn't it passed down to me? I like your plate by the way.

  3. Thanks John Lewis... Actually I'm not sure where the recipe came from I just make it up, I'm sure mum must have taught me to make it at some point so more passed down from generation.


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