A Very Royal Wedding

Dear Laura,

Yesterday was a very special day. It didn't start out that way but when I got home there was a parcel on the doorstep. A parcel with my name on it.

Was it my birthday?  No. Was it christmas? No. Who was it from, I recognised the handwriting but it has been so long since I received hand written letters. It is all electronic now, we all have helvetica handwriting these days. Then I saw the name, G. Oh G what have you sent me over the oceans? What made you think to send me this gift, at a random time. No could it be...

Oh my, Oh my oh my oh my... Tears have been falling from my face since receiving this, quite extraordinary gift. G I love you dearly for sending me this, I am getting the bunting ready, along with my knitting needles.

lots of love



  1. What a wonderful surprise! Such a fun and interesting gift. It does look difficult to make, for me, but a true challenge and rewarding to create. Can't wait to see one done! Enjoy, xoRobin❤

  2. I could actually learn to knit for something like that! Hilarious good fun!

  3. Hilarious! I fell about laughing when I first saw this in the Telegraph online. But who could resist the chance to knit your own Corgie... Enjoy. C.x

  4. My all time favourite picture in this book is one where, Wills and Kate are being married and the queen is wiping a tear away from her eye.

  5. Wow!!!! You'd better get started....not long now!!! xx

  6. just great - lucky you - can't wait to see some knitted up,


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