Dear Laura,

We sprung forward this weekend, so now the evenings are all nice and light and the trees are almost ready to burst into bloom. We also had a delicious supper rematch. The bar had been set pretty high as you can see in this post Deliciousness. The menu this time was Italian and crazily ambitious. Whilst preparations were underway I sneaked off with Suzanne and the little one to the botanic gardens where we came across a Dr Who sausage monster.

I think the sausage monster had special powers because when we returned home R and R were busily preparing sausages. This was very impressive, casing was flung around the kitchen and all sorts of contraptions were being bandied about to try to get the filling into that casing. It felt rather like a job for octopus arms. 

Plenty of excitement and craziness ensued for the rest of the evening and luckily a pan fire was narrowly avoided. Finally the meal was served and wolfed down by a ravenous crowd. 

Those sausages were lovely I think I might have to introduce them to bangers and mash. 

Lots of love


p.s. Just in case you were thinking that all play and no crafting makes Annie a naughty girl, here is an update on my crochet squares

THIRTY! Yay maybe I'll have a blanket by next winter.

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  1. I just found your blog, and the pictures in this post made me melt into a food trance . . . lovely!! : )


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