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Dear Annie,

I've been making real progress on my quilt. Cutting the fabric was absolutely nerve-wracking, especially as it was my first attempt with a rotary cutter. I enjoyed piecing, though. I've had my sewing machine serviced so it's feeling loved and it positively sang as it whizzed up and down the stripes.

I've made and pinned the quilt sandwich (oh so many pins!), and now I am hand quilting it. Slowly, steadily, carefully, one row at a time, one evening at a time.

I can't imagine how it's taken me so long to make my first quilt. It's a wonderful thing, quilting.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to Kerry from verykerryberry who has nominated us for a Liebster Blog Award. We're delighted that you thought of us! Kerry is a lady who really does know how to make beautiful quilts- you should definitely go and take a peek.

Love from,

PS: Thank you so much for my yarn swift bag! I love, love, love it. Now I will be watching anxiously for the post lady...



  1. your fabric selection in this quilt looks enticing, great prints! Basting spray much quicker than pin, Ashley at Film in the Fridge has just done a tutorial post on how to do it too x

  2. Good luck with the quilt - I had a go last year, made it up as I went along and wish I had read up on it/got some advice. Will have another go soon. Can't wait to see how it turns out. x

  3. Well done! I'm still planning to have a go, one day! I need a little attic like your's!


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