Nocturnal Knitting

Dear Laura,

I enjoyed Hannah's sewing story a lot, she is clearly a natural. Lately at night just as I go to bed, I have a second wind. Lying there with my eyes wide open looking at the night sky I try to shut my brain down but it insists on thinking and coming up with crafty ideas, most of which are far beyond my ability or sometimes reality. I try not to toss and turn too much so as not to wake R so I just lie there looking at the sky wondering whether I can manage some sleep.  

Last night as I was looking at the sky I decided that rather than let the ideas run through my brain I would go and do something. So I tiptoed downstairs and searched out my crochet. 

I think my colour choice was inspired by the night sky.  I am pleased that I have one more flower for my blanket, although I think this one might be a star.

Lots of love 

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  1. Hi Annie, I too find I cannot sleep sometimes for ideas wizzing around in my head, but if I get up to do something or even to write the thoughts down, I find I struggle to keep my eyes open, so I go back to bed to find I'm then wide awake!
    Incidentally, I use the 'feeds' link to keep informed of new posts. If you have XP (and this may be in other versions) along the top toolbar you will find the 'feeds' tab, click the down arrow and choose which way to receive the feed. I always choose ATOM, simply because that was the only choice on the first few blogs I did this with. I have no idea what the other choices mean. I then save to 'favourites bar' which puts it along the top of the screen. Each blog listing has a down arrow which you will need to click on and choose 'mark all as read' firstly. After that, every time the blog has a new post the tab on the favourites bar will highlight so you know to read it. Hope this helps those, who like me, dislike reading blogs through email. Have a great day. xx


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