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In our local area, there is frequently some unofficial freecycling going on. Unwanted but useable items are left on front walls, with a note saying 'please take me', or something similar. We've picked up all sorts of gems in the past, from children's toys to a Victorian door. 

I found this little stool last summer. It's rather a plain Jane- certainly not the most glamorous piece of furniture but sweet and sturdy. I decided recently that it was time to give it a well-deserved makeover. Initially, I was thinking of a shabby chic style paint job, but after a little perusal of pinterest, I was reminded of the fabulous wood & wool stool. Suddenly, I had all the inspiration that I needed. Armed with a crochet hook and some leftover yarn, I set to work.

The yarn was mainly leftover from items of clothing and blankets that I've made for the boys, and I was pleased by how harmoniously the colours worked together. The best thing about it, though? The entire project cost me not a single penny.

Love from,


PS:We'd also like to say a big thank you to Molly at Mother's Always Right for the blog award. As always, it's much appreciated, and if we really do inspire you to take up knitting then we will be very happy indeed! x


  1. looks really nice, the colour's are great together. what a good idea!

  2. that's one thing i really miss about living in Brighton, we used to leave unwanted things out & find treasures in our street so often! the stool looks great, the colours work so well together, x

  3. Love them, both the stool & the crochet.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment Laura! Keep going with the blanket - it will be worth it on chilly summer evenings sitting outdoors with a glass or two of wine!!!! xx

  5. Great idea, wish i could get my hands on a stool like that! Love your choice of colours!

  6. Lovely stool ... I hope you get lots of use out of it!




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