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Dear Laura,

Your blanket is going to be beautiful I am so impressed with the hand stitching. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

This week I have been trying to write my first ever knitting pattern and man is it hard! Firstly I don't know how to read a knitting pattern so I had to have a little glance through some. I thought I would take the tack of writing two patterns. One for me in my language and one in knitting language, well the best I could manage in knitting language. I have put them up on the new page created called Fingerless Mitts.

That's right just as winter is wearing down I have finally managed a pattern for gloves, well they would be useful for the next few weeks anyway. The pattern was an exercise for me in cable and making holes (purposeful holes) in knitting. It was pretty good. Only one of my cables ended up the wrong way around!

I would love any feed back on the pattern, either patterns.

I really enjoyed knitting these. Originally they were for work, which is why they are fairly plain in colour as well as pattern. It gets really cold in the office sometimes and my poor little hands find it tough to stay warm so I put my scarf on and my fingerless gloves and look a little bit like a granny. It is worth it though.

I am currently reading Margret Atwood - The Handmaids Tale, which is so addictive I have taken to walking and reading again. The gloves are good for turning the pages whilst keeping my hands warm. Here's hoping I pay enough attention not to walk into any lampposts

Lots of love



  1. i love reading margaret atwood !

  2. Yes, please watch out for lamp posts! I'd hate to read about an egg on your forehead next week. :-)
    Great job on finishing your project.

  3. Love your fingerless gloves! I think they are such a great idea in so many ways. That book looks good, I need a new book to read. Be careful reading. xoRobin❤

  4. I love the patten on your gloves. I have only done plain ones so I think it is time to try something new.

  5. your gloves look really nice:) congrats on your first pattern:)

  6. Thank you Laura for visiting my blog. I'm intrigued by Nimblefingers - not only do you have a really innovative blog but a great name to boot!

    Love those gloves.


  7. I have The Handmaids Tale in my pile of 'books to read', it is obviously a good one so will have to get to it!

    I bought a lovely book today called The Crafty Kid by Kelly Doust, full of new project ideas,

    Love the gloves,

    Han x

  8. Lovely mitts! Thank you for putting up the pattern. I shall have to remember it's there as I have some others still to finish. Sorry, no immediate feedback from me!


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