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Dear Laura,

Four very good friends of mine are getting married this summer, that is two weddings two couples not all four of them together, and I am starting to think about dresses. I think dresses are my favourite thing in the world and rather than go out and find a lovely one, I thought I might try to make one this year. My inspiration for this has come from watching too much Downton Abbey.

The best thing about costume dramas is of course dreaming that the grand house with the large gardens is mine and I can sit and have tea off a table with a crisp white table cloth on a sun dappled lawn wearing the most beautiful dresses whenever I want. Oh and some very handsome young man will come riding up on a horse every now and again vying for my affections. But really I just really love the clothes and the tea.  

I have decided to make this dream come true, well not the big house with the sun and the lawns, just the wearing of a beautiful dress, in fact the one I saw on the program. It is a pretty tricky dress, and I am hoping I am up to the task. It is a grey/blue wrap dress with some beautiful detailing around the waist. I think the underdress is silk with a kind of organza layer over the top. An image of the dress can be found here.  I will make a mock up and have a really good think about it but I am really excited. The first wedding is in May so I have a little time I hope!

My first sketch to remember the dress.

Also I thought you might be able to help. One of the brides has asked if I could make the wedding favours for them. I said yes of course. That is exactly the type of thing I love to do. The only problem is I am not sure what a wedding favour is. Do you have any idea? or even ideas for them?

Lots of love 



  1. Hello Annie. Wedding favours are little gifts that the Bride and Groom give to their guests - party bags for grown ups! Traditional ones are little organza circles or bags filled with sugared almonds and tied with ribbon to close. Usually they are themed to the wedding decor. Modern ones can be anything from litle boxes with a chocolate in to fresh flowers posies for the ladies and miniature 'tipples' for the gents. I'm sure if you Google 'wedding favours' you will be bombarded with ideas. Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide. I would just make one small suggestion, if I may; if the wedding is large keep the favours simple, quick and easy to make, otherwise you will regret agreeing to make them. I can't wait to see the dress, it sounds fantastic. I do hope it turns out as you imagine.

  2. Oooh, how exciting to make the favours! Debs has covered most of it and she's right that a google is probably the best place to start.

    I think that traditionally favours were just for the ladies although lately they seem to be for everyone, so it's probably worth checking with the couple to see who they're intending the favours go to. They also don't have to be the same - ladies can have one thing and men something else.

    Good luck for that and good luck with the dress. It looks lovely from the sketch!

  3. Oh that dress is stunning I can't wait to see your version.
    Emma x

  4. The dress is beautiful Annie, good luck x

  5. Wow - can't wait to see finished project; looks gorgeous.

    I'm hooked on the new Miss Marple for dress inspiration at the moment - so want the 50s big skirts, neat twinsets and perfect curled hair. Unfortunately can't sew, so won't be following your example anytime soon.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog btw - very glad to have found your lovely blog! x


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