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Dear Annie,

Today, I thought that I would show you the little corner of the house that is all mine. We have finally finished clearing up the loft, and my sewing machine now has a proper home on a cheery red formica table, just beneath the skylight window. All around it are my stashes of yarn, fabric, buttons and other assorted treasures. It's not the prettiest corner, but to me it's a piece of heaven! 

Here is the view from the window:

and finally, here is one of the other corners of the room. I had to show you the carpet, which came from D's extended family. I just adore it. (In case you're wondering, the quilt was an ebay find and the chair I rescued from the rubbish collectors and patched up using a vintage pillowcase. Shabby chic at its shabbiest!)

Love from,



  1. oooh what a pretty little spot, you lucky duck. Fantastic to have so much natural light too x

  2. When I grow up I want a corner just like this - just lovely. And that chair reminds me of a pair we had like it when I was a child. Rough enough fabric - like a hug from a gruff granny. C.x

  3. How lovely, such a corner of peace and quiet to enjoy when you're crafting. I adore the big pot of buttons !

  4. I love your corner, I wish I had a corner too. I need a bigger house. xxx

  5. I have a little attic room for all of my craft supplies as well! I love my little room, but find that I don't use it as often as I should! Your blog is a delightful inspiration to me!

    I live in Douglas, Alaska - feel free to pop by my blog!

  6. well i think your little corner is fab and so bright, alittle bit of heaven, well worth the wait i would say x

  7. Oh, lovely craftroom... everything is organised so pretty! Have a great weekend,
    love Maaike

  8. How lovely, indeed! Just what a girl needs!

  9. Hi Laura, I think your corner looks lovely in fact it's very similar to mine which probably explains why I like it so much. My little space is right at the top of the house under the eaves too! I love the grey bangle you made, it looks fab and thank you for the mention on your post. I'm a bit disappointed that you talked about tea leaves being a challenge though, I was rather hoping I might have a go at that some time but I think I'll have to put it on hold for a while longer. The yarn you've chosen for it is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Enjoy the weekend. x


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