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Dear Annie,

This week, S, baby R and I went out and about, enjoying the Spring sunshine. Our travels took us to a lovely tearoom. There was Portmerion crockery and vintage teacups. We were particularly interested in the selection of homemade cakes. Victoria Sponge, Marbled Chocolate Cake and (my personal favourite), Coffee and Walnut Cake. S and I were sharing a slice, and he chose "jam cake" (also known as Victoria Sponge), but when we got home, I kept thinking about the Coffee and Walnut Cake.

I baked a Marmalade Cake for my grandparents' visit and it was buttery and orange rich, but it didn't hit the spot. I baked a Tea Loaf for everyday munching and it was moist and vanilla scented, but it didn't hit the spot. I baked a Lemon Loaf Cake for D's parents' visit, and it was wonderfully light... but it didn't hit the spot.

There was only one cake that would do. Coffee and Walnut cake. On a Portmerion plate. Perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon.
Even D, who claims not to like coffee cake, had a second slice.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That's better!

Love from,


PS: The recipe that I use is a Nigel Slater one that I tore out of the Observer Magazine years ago. Since then, he has included it in this book. It's unfailingly delicious!


  1. Yummy yummy, save a slice for me x

  2. Oh, how delicious. I've always thought there was something against the rules about coffee cake and a cup of tea. Very glad I'm not alone in this. C.x

  3. that cake looks AMAZING. I don't have coffee and walnut enough...

  4. you're making me want to get baking! (& also buy some ck pillow slips, as they look so pretty drying on the line!)

  5. THat cake looks tasty!I am going to follow you from now on



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