buried treasure

Dear Annie,

Yesterday, I met the lovely Hannah at a local jumble sale. I got there a little late, and only just contained my sobs as I saw the big bag of colourful crochet blankets that had already been snapped up (and sadly not by Hannah, either!). Nevertheless, there were a few pieces of buried treasure that were worth rummaging for, and a mosey around the charity shops later unearthed a few more.. 

:: a small 'cutter' quilt, which could one day become something like this

:: an old wool blanket that is destined for this, or a similar crafty fate

:: two fantastic old quilting books, one of which contains the pattern and templates for one of my personal favourites- the schoolhouse quilt

:: a selection of embroidery hoops, which I plan to use to display some of my fabric collection like this 

:: a groovy jug, painted with boats, which reminded me of this print, and which is crying out to be filled with Pimms and lemonade

All of it junk to someone, and all of it treasure to me!

Love from,



  1. Oooh I love the first one! So much potential...
    Kathryn x

  2. Oh fab fab finds. Makes me want to rummage through every basket of treasure in every charity shop around... C.x

  3. Oh Laura, I wish the colourful crochet blankets had been snapped up by me! Instead I think they were snapped up by one of the scary jumble salers who were pushing and shoving to get in through the door. Maybe even the one who was in such a hurry that she parked her car precariously on the corner of the street, only to have some one drive into it and take the bumper off a few minutes after you left. And what did she do? She went right back in and carried on bargain hunting..... xxx


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