Belated Birthday

Dear Laura,

I am ridiculously unorganised and have only just managed to complete your birthday present. I know a month late! sorry. Here is the story of it and as soon as I am done I am going to go to the post office and get it sent (there will be one or two other surprises too).

Once upon a time, I liked to wear ridiculous shirts, mostly paisley or flowery and generally from the 70s. I had to tone down these shirts a bit when I started to work and found, in Tesco's just the level of flowery to be perfect. Unfortunately, after many years of wearing and enjoying the shirt, in a popeye/incredible hulk like move I ripped the shirt. Really I moved my shoulders forward like the body builders do when they do that silly pose, fists clenched arms curled in front of them, to stretch my back and rip... luckily I was wearing a tank top at the time so no one noticed. Well, that or people were to polite to say. 

What can be done with the shirt now...

So here it is, a new swift bag, it took so long because I couldn't get the design right for ages. Then last night finally inspiration struck, rather than putting the swift in long ways it is much easier to put it in from the end. 

I hope you like it. I loved the bracelet you made it was awesome. I think I am starting to become obsessed with cable knit. It is the best.

Lots of love


p.s. you can see a picture of me wearing the shirt in the post any smaller and it would be for a child 

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