Dear Annie,

I've been having a slow knitting week. Time has been short, with the preparations for S's birthday and a poorly baby to take care of (like Hannah's little ones, he's got chicken pox, bless him.) I'm loving my tea leaves, but it's a big project, and it's hard to see any discernible progress. D went out to the pub last night, leaving me with a quiet evening of knitting ahead of me. I needed a speedy knit to satisfy the craving for cast-off.

Having loved this great post over at harmony and rosie, I was reminded that I'd had my eye on another pattern from Purls of Wisdom. I had a 50p charity shop bangle ready and waiting to be transformed.

Cheap (I used some of the leftover Cascade 220), chic and super speedy. The details are here at Ravelry. This one's destined to be a birthday gift for a friend, so now I have my eye on my leftover teal yarn to cast one on for myself!

Finally, I'm joining in (belatedly) with this week's Yarn Along and showing you something that I'm knitting (it's the next size up of Milo for Baby R, this time in Alpaca) and something that I'm reading ( The Gentle Art of Quilt-Making by Jane Brocket - it's been my bible as I continue to work on my quilt.)

I'd love it if readers would leave a comment letting us know what they are knitting and/or reading!

Love from,

PS: I loved your last post. It reminded me of the Robert Frost poem, Acquainted with the Night, but with added crochet!


  1. that bangle is gorgeous !

  2. I just saw a pattern for a bangle like that last week but didn't give it a lot of consideration. I must go back to it now, yours is lovely!

    I've just finished knitting the Helm's Deep Shawl which was a lot of fun but definitely a big project! I'm now knitting the Stockholm Scarf. It's really interesting and going along pretty quickly.

    As for books I read mainly fantasy series. I'm not sure if your a fan but I just finished a really spectacular series called The Sword of Truth. Amazing! Now I'm reading the sequel to Name of the Wind, The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. He's such a good author and his books are a totally revolutionary kind of fantasy.

    I love your blog and inspirations! Thank you for it! =]

  3. Love the bangle - what a great idea! I'm not a knitter but I've started crochetting a granny square blanket. It's going to be a long, long project though!

    I second the The Name of the Wind recommendation. It's a really great read! In the same genre, The Left Hand of God is really good too.

  4. I love the bangle! I am not a knitter but I wish I had more time on my hands. If I did I would really think about taking it up!

    I am reading The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley, again, and The Ivy Tree by Mary Stewart for a bit of escapism. x

  5. Wow big compliments for your bangle, I looove it!


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