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Dear Laura,

When I worked in Capitol Hill there was an awesome vintage clothes shop just next to the metro station I took home. Sometimes as a treat I would go in there and browse the beautiful old gowns and shoes and handbags. Last year I went there and much to my disappointment they were having a closing down sale. I snapped up a dress but I have so many regrets about not buying more. Now I knew the dress I bought would have to be altered, I just liked the print but the style really wasn't me. Part of me feels a little guilty though, this was really a very stylish dress, but just not my style and I have decided I would rather alter it and wear it than keep it in my cupboard. Oh and it was of course 4 sizes too big for me. 

I had the foresight to take a picture of this dress so I could wow you with a before and after picture but I then managed to lose my camera before taking the pictures off! It reminded me of those wonderful clothes in Abigail's Party. This dress however, had long billowy translucent sleeves which were gathered in at the wrist. Maybe similar to this at Denas Vintage Closet or Catwalk Creative Vintage.

So after much pushing and pulling and tucking and cutting and recutting and pinning and frustration, finally here is what I managed.

I have been practicing my model poses, as you can see, also you might notice that the back is quite tight, I will not eat (or possibly breath) when wearing this dress.

Lots of love


p.s. We have been very remiss in thanking both Flora and Purl and No Knitted Knickers for our blog awards. Thank you so much, we are both really enjoying your blogs too and sorry for the late thank you.


  1. What a lovely print, it is just right for this season. And you are a great model, you look stunning !

  2. The dress looks fantastic. I keep meaning to do an overhaul of a charity shop item of clothing. I hope you enjoy wearing your dress this summer (please let there be a summer this year!). x


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