There's water in the air

Dear Laura,

Growing up in Devon I was aware of water, a lot of water. There was water in the sea next to my house, water fell from the air on a regular basis in spring, summer, autumn or winter, which often left water on the ground and of course there was always water in the air. A nice thick soup of watery air. This I believed to be normal. It is not. Here in DC there is a distinct break in humidity, when the winter arrives the water leaves. Dry cold air sucks the water from everything. The flowers and the leaves disappear and a parched landscape of twigs, brick and concrete is left.

But then spring pops its head up and it is magical. The air feels warmer and wetter, my body feels relaxed walking outside, no longer constantly attacked by the cold air hungry for moisture. And the smell. The smell of water in the air, of plants waking up from their long sleeps, the smell of life returning and the smell of home. 

I have been trying to find you evidence of spring I wanted to send you the smell but alas this still isn't possible. I looked high

and low

and all around 

but the ever greens were the only things with leaves. Then there it was, some tiny purple dots poking their heads through the soil and towards the sun. At last proof that spring has finally sprung! 

Now it is time to face the garden to prepare it for a bountiful vegetable season, and work out how to stop those pesky squirrels from eating everything.

Lots of love


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  1. Oh, lucky you, spring has arrived. Over here in Belgium we are all longing for a bit of sunshine. Many people have the 'winter blues' and feel completely tired and lack energy. The temperature is stuck at 8°C, and all we want is ... SUNSHINE... after a cold and wet winter. How lovely your pictures of a blue sky....I makes me dream of those early spring days where everything seems to come alive again. Including me...


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