spring in my step

Dear Annie,

I think I must have been dreaming of Spring when I chose the colour combination for my most recent quartet of granny squares. Looking at them, I realised that the colours reminded me of purple crocus, white snowdrops and yellow daffodils- all with their bright green leaves.

There was certainly a spring in my step as I headed down to the parcel office to collect this parcel:

It came from your side of the world- my equilter order of fabrics for my quiltWould you like a closer look?

I can't wait for some time to myself in which to head up to the loft and have a play at laying them out. I'm rather terrified at the thought of actually cutting into them, but I'm sure I'll be brave enough when the time comes. Meanwhile, just looking at them brightens my day.

Love from,

PS: I love your purple bathroom! If only I could persuade D to paint ours that colour...


  1. I love the colors you chose for your squares!

  2. Hello! Thanks for your visit. Your blog is so lovely, I really enjoy it! The grannies look very cute and oh I love love your fabric soooo much!!! It's awesome!

  3. What pretty squares- I have resolved to learn to make them by the end of this year! Well done on sorting out the favi-wotsit too x

  4. Hi Laura, thanks for you tip about the bookcases & the wood recycling project. I totally forgot about that place. We bought some scaffold planks for shelving there 5 years ago, and haven't been back since. I think I will have nose round one thursday morning when I am boy free. Lou x

  5. Ooh yes, those reds really are good!

    Kate x

  6. Hi Laura, thanks for your comment on my blog. I've been having a lovely browse through yours - such a lovely idea you two writing to each other! I love the red fabrics you've chosen for your quilt and have to ask, what is the white fabric with little red flowers called? It's so pretty! (Another one to add to my wish list, I think!)

  7. Love the colors in your squares! Teresa


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