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Dear Annie and Laura,

Well, I am finally sitting down to write this blog post after nervously avoiding it for a few weeks. I would hardly call myself a ‘sewist’. In fact a year ago I had never sewn anything in my life. I would look at beautiful things made by others and think ‘I wish I could do that’. It didn’t for one moment occur to me that actually I could do it.

My inspiration to learn came from my sister who, like me, had never made anything. One day she showed me a little teddy bear that she had sewn. His ear had been sewn on inside out and bits of him were slightly squiffy but he was lovely, and more than that, she had made him herself.

After that I couldn’t help thinking ‘if she can do it then surely I can too?’ So I bought myself a sewing bible and began to look for ideas. I persuaded my mum that I really wanted a second hand sewing machine for Christmas. Despite her doubting that I would ever use it, she went out and bought me one. 

My first project was to be a hat. I love hats. I am still immensely proud of this hat and have since made lots of different alterations to the pattern and even managed to sell a few to unsuspecting people who must have thought that I was a real sewist!

I have to admit I almost lost heart and ran away when, in the first sentence, I came across the term ‘warp grain’, and realised that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Trusty Google came through though and I bumbled my way through the instructions only to produce such a lovely hat that I immediately made another one.

I was so pleased with being able to make something half decent that I went on a mission and made all sorts of things. Cushion covers for my living room, bunting, hearts and birds and Christmas tree decorations, headscarves and brooches.

I, my sister and a mutual friend then decided that perhaps we should try and sell a few crafty bits so we booked a stall. It was certainly an experience and I am pleased to say that we sold far more than we expected to. I have to say though that I am not in a hurry to do it again. All the rushing and sewing to make things to sell took the enjoyment out of it. What was originally something that made me feel good, something relaxing that gave me a sense of achievement became something incredibly stressful and I have to say it ‘boring’! Making 23 hats in 3 days is just not fun.

After the mad sewing rush before Christmas, I have taken a break for a few weeks to focus on boring but necessary things like washing curtains and cleaning carpets. I have also been slightly hindered by both my babies having nasty cases of the pox. However with my baby boy I think on the mend I am itching for a new project and having been inspired by a lovely purple vintage pillowcase bag I have now found one.

And after the bag, a dress for my girl, as soon as I can figure out how to read the pattern! And then, the sky’s the limit…..

I am looking forward to reading many more of your posts and being inspired over and over again.

Love from


  1. OOO lovely, I am pleased you took up sewing it is so rewarding so quickly. I love the bears and the flowers, well I love everything. Thanks so much for the post. - Annie

  2. I want to learn to sew! This has really inspired me. I have attempted a couple of "projects", which have resulted in a huge tantrum (from me) and people commenting "isn't your baby clever to start sewing so soon". Really must try harder. Love the blog and will be stopping by on a regular basis from now on...P.S. Laura - I'm from Bristol too! (Although no longer live there). Lovely city x


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