A Little Disheartened

Dear Laura,

I remember Valentines day in Thailand very well. I think I carried on that tradition a little at university. A friend and I used to make Valentines cards by the dozen, then on the eve of Valentines day at around 2am (often a little intoxicated) we would deliver our surprises by the light of the moon. That was a lot of fun, probably more fun for us than for the receivers but fun none the less.

This week I have been working on my crochet squares but progress feels a little slow. We are of course from the now generation and I want it all done already. That is why I think I have always preferred sewing over knitting, the results are almost instant, cut the pattern, sew and done. This is certainly the longest project I have embarked upon. 

To cheer myself up and motivate me I have been looking at the blogs that originally inspired us: Quater of an inch and The Quince Tree I have been thinking good thoughts like how the blanket will last forever, how it will be warm and how I hope that it is passed down generations and they love it as much as me. I have also been very practical and laid the squares out to see just how far I have to go. 

Well i have one row, 14 squares, that means the blanket will have around 196 squares. Yowzeers!! However, seeing them laid out does make me feel better and having completed one row is awesome. I am now watching my stash of wool slowly go down.

Looks like I might need some more wool! 

Lots of love



  1. Kep going! The squares are beautiful. When I made my first ever afghan I joined the squares into panels and this really helped as I would have a panel finished and there was a sense of progress. It will be worth it when you have finished!!! x

    pic here....http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_W3djKTcVanc/TKhrCJc0_jI/AAAAAAAAAAw/t6g4CjLi_Sw/s1600/IMG_1121.JPG

  2. 1 row down!! Your squares are lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing them slowly grow into a blanket.

  3. the more it grows, the more you'll want to work on it, mine is taking over a year to finish (& it's a tiny blanket really!) but that's because i take on far too many projects at once & only come back to the blanket now & again, but i quite like having a long-term project on the go x

  4. Thanks for your words of encouragement, I am definitely feeling more motivated now I have seen the squares laid out.

    Andrea your blanket is beautiful that picture has spurred me on I'll be picking the hook up as soon as I get home.


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