green shoots of spring

Dear Annie,

My Grandad Tiger used to say that St David's Day- the first day of March- was the first day of Spring. It was also his birthday. I like to think that he was right, partly because that means that S was born on the very last day of winter. By my reckoning, therefore, we have just twelve days of Winter left. That seems like a manageable number to me.

On our kitchen windowsill are the first green shoots of spring. Last week, when we met up with A, little G and baby J, the boys painted their own flower pots using acrylic paints (us mummies painted one each for the babies.) The nasturtium seeds that we planted in them have started to grow and reach for the light.

Of course there is always time when planting seeds with little ones to make a cress Egg Head. This poor chap has had some rough treatment but his luscious locks remain undamaged.
Lovely to see the progress on your blanket. Mine's slow-moving too. I've been talking to my lovely mother-in-law about a technique for crocheting the squares together. I'll tell you all about it soon.

Love from,



  1. These are wonderful! love that the boys did some painting together! And the little egg chap at the end is brilliant!

    Perfect way to welcome spring and great addition to Spring Get Crafty (out 1 March 2011)


  2. Hi Laura,
    thank you for visiting my blog, you asked about the cookies, I learnt all about icing techniques from sweetopia.net there is a link on my blog it's a fab blog, worth a look if you like baking.
    My youngest daughter's birthday is on the first of March too and we also see it as the first day of spring, by my reckoning thats only 9 days now yay I can't wait.
    Emma x

  3. (Spring Get Crafty is now out!!! http://www.redtedart.com/2011/03/01/spring-get-crafty/ thanks for a lovely craft to include!)

  4. The egg head if fantastic!


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