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Dear Annie,  

This Friday, I have four colours for you. Firstly, blue- these gorgeous hyacinths were bought for me by my lovely mother-in-law when she arrived to visit today. Aren't they pretty? They smell gorgeous too!

Secondly, orange. My very favourite thing about Seville Orange season is not the home made marmalade (although that is rather marvellous), it's the marmalade cake. Each year, a week or so after marmalade-making, I bake a marmalade cake using Nigel Slater's recipe from this book. It's rich, buttery and absolutely delicious.

This year, I used a blood orange from my fruit box to provide the zest and juice.

It made a fabulous naturally coloured icing, which brings me to my third (and your favourite) colour - pink!
I absolutely love days on which my kitchen follows the rhythm of the seasons, and this is one of them. Early in each new year, after I make the same marmalade, (I use the Riverford recipe) I bake the same cake:
The top cake was last year's version (it sank slightly!), below it is this year's- perfectly baked (for a little longer than the recipe suggests) and pretty in pink.
My final colour is grey. I've finished knitting the lace-edged hat. It took me a few attempts to get the lace right, which is why I am so in awe of Sabrina's gorgeous scarf- I can't believe that it was one of her very first projects! Thank you so much for your guest post, Sabrina, we loved reading all about it.

Truth be told, I wasn't all that thrilled with my finished hat; I think I may have made a mistake with the decreases, because it seems to have a rather pointy top! I really enjoyed knitting it, though. Lace and pleats are two very useful new skills to add to my knitting repertoire.

Here's wishing you a colourful weekend,

Love from, 



  1. So much here to <3- Hyacinth blue- my favorite color, the cake- I must try it- and a lace edge- I know I have use for- thank you!

  2. Thank you for visiting my nest. Love your interesting blog, what a great idea. Lots to enjoy and so many lovely ideas from knitting to cooking to colour! Have a happy Day, xoRobin❤


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