Dear Laura,

Yesterday R and I went up to the deepest darkest depths of Balitmore. Luckily we didn't see McSulky or Avon Barksdale but we did see Ryan and Suzanne and were given one of the best meals ever. The theme was French. When we arrived there was some immediate consultation with R about onions, and I snuck off into the corner to keep out of the way and to watch the cooks at work, I am a much better eater than cooker.

There was a little timing hitch which ended up being to the advantage of all the participants and whilst waiting in the kitchen we got to snack on cheese and oysters. I refrained from attempting to shuck an oyster, knife, hand, hard shell, stabbing action, I felt would clearly lead to a mad dash to the hospital. This was just the prelude to an awesome meal to come the first course was the french onion soup...

A dish that contains, butter, cheese, chicken stock lovingly prepared the night before and of course slow slow cooked onions, yum. After hearing a little clatter in the kitchen we were presented with the ultimate in french cuisine, steak and chips which was delicious.

The meal was topped off with my favourite desert which, much to everyones delight involved a blow torch, creme brulee. 

(A little side note here: when deciding which blow torch to buy for such an occasion apparently the one from the plumbing department at home depot does not, it turns out, serve the kitchen purposes as well as one might expect).

So lots of thanks to Ryan and Suzanne for having us and for Ryan's awesome cooking. The gauntlet has been thrown down and I for one am certainly looking forward to seeing what menu R will come up with for our next meal. 

Lots of love 



  1. oooooo that was your dinner- hmmmm looks fab! x

  2. Completely agree with driftwood this is a {Babettes} feast. I have been wondering about a standard plumber's blow torch for creme brulee. Thank you so much for connecting so that I share in your slice of life. Ravishing post.


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