Birds on a Dress

Dear Laura,

This is my favourite dress ever. When my sister had left home for a couple of years and I was still  there, I decided it was about time to see what was in her wardrobe (the privilege of a younger pilfering sister). Much to my delight when I opened the door I found this dress. Well it is actually a vintage house coat from M&S. As always it wasn't the right size or anything like that but it was fairly simple so pulling it in was a doddle. 

Much to my excitement this same sister has had her second baby recently. Wracking my brains as to what to make for this new arrival in the world I was suddenly struck by the fact I can now make dresses and what better dress to start off on than my favourite and one that my sister used to own too. I also had this awesome material and I really wanted to use it for just the right project.

So I went about trying to figure out how to make this dress, and more importantly what size to make it. I am going to have to get a book on baby sizes, as, surprisingly, the internet was not very forthcoming. There was lot of unpicking and cursing as I went straight into the project rather than making a mock up. When it came to choosing the buttons I used the red ones you gave me for christmas (they were perfect thank you).

And finally I made a really small dress.

My sister never actually gave me permission to have my dress so I think I might make another one just in case. Is it ok to have a dress that matches your one week old niece? Off to the post office before she grows to big to fit into it and then to the fabric shop...

Lots of love 



  1. Annie! your dresses are simply fantastic and cute, simple but stylish... and it looks very comfortable... I can see why is your favorite dress, I would use it very happy too!
    congrats on your new niece!

  2. Yes! What an excellent idea. I love both dresses!

  3. Adorable little dress, so cute. I love the grown up one too, classic label it brings back memories!

  4. Love both dresses. And the whole dress like your niece thing -absolutely. In NYC we have women who dress like their dog, which somehow crosses the line... Claire

  5. Thanks, I love making clothes for small people, I just spend the time looking at it and thinking how cute it is.

    Currently I am dogless so, luckily, the temptation to dress the same has been removed. I did have a very similar hairstyle to my parents dogs for years though (this was purely coincidental)!

  6. How exciting! And great to see the old frocks getting new uses... cxxx

  7. Wonderful dresses! The fabrics are bringing back memories for me! Helen x

  8. Both dresses are absolutely wonderful. So comfy looking. The little dress will be spectacular on the little one.

  9. LOVED this post - am just starting to make my first dress! (after making what can only be described as a STuPID pledge to not buy a single piece of clothing for a year)
    It's proving tricky but I'm getting there.
    We have a whole mischief of boys so far in my family...until last month when new neice Mabel arrived.
    It can't be wrong to have a matching dress, in fact it may be more OK if you are the (favourite!) Aunt! I look forward to making Mabel some pretty dresses...
    thanks for sharing,
    fee x

  10. Oh I love those dresses, the tiny one is adorable. By the way, the Mini Boden site is quite useful size wise, I generally base my measurements on theirs.


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